Friday, April 12, 2013


So, I was supposed to run 5 miles yesterday.  I had my gear at work and was about an hour away from changing my clothes when my husband IM'd me a link and was like "Um, I don't know if you should be running home today."  It was a news article about a huge bee swarm right at a main street on my route!  I guess it was a huge problem, and then the silly cops drove cars up in the middle of the bees and seriously pissed them off so they were trying to find a way to contain them.  I mulled it over and was like, maybe it will be clear by the time I run through, but then a thought popped in my head.  I was just like, "Oh my God, what if  I'm suddenly in the middle of a bee swarm like Macaulay Culkin in 'My Girl'?!"

No one wants to be Macaulay Culkin from "My Girl" because HE DIED from bee stings, and then they find the mood ring and it's blue, and the whole thing is just sad.  In other words, I decided it would be best to not run.  I made myself promise to run the five miles today, even though I'm usually more in the "let's crack a beer" mode on Fridays than the "yay for running!" mode.

I'm pleased to say that I kept my promise, laced up my shoes and got out there.  The run today was thankfully not as horrible as my run Tuesday, though it was still kind of hard.  I took a lot of walk breaks in the beginning, although I was able to run the first mile relatively comfortably.  That is definitely a change from the Tuesday run!  I didn't have a day like Sunday where I ran 7 miles like it ain't no thang, but I slowly was able to get into the groove and somewhat enjoy the run.  The flowers are really starting to pop here, especially the pear, apple and cherry trees.  I should have stopped to take a picture of some of the blossoms, but I did manage to stop and take a picture of these guys:

I don't know why people who live on a busy highway have pet ducks in their front yard, but there it is.  These two were very cute, but seemed pretty concerned about the giant human jogging towards them.  They were letting out these cute little warning quacks at me!

I finally passed the bee intersection, and didn't see any dead bees on the ground.  The paper made it sound like there were thousands of them getting hit by cars, which made me kind of sad actually.  I'm wondering if the paper exaggerated how crazy it was, but we all know the media never exaggerates anything right!

The run went surprisingly fast, and it seems like I was at the house before I knew it.  I like having those kinds of runs, where it feels like it goes by quickly!  This one felt smoother and faster than the 3 miler Tuesday.  Running is so weird!

On a separate note, I will not be posting next week because we will be attending the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony!!  It will be so nice to have a break from work, see friends/family and just be in a different place.  I am nervous about eating while I am gone, although I have actually done very well this go round with Weight Watchers.  I'm pretty sure I will be able to stay within my PP range, although I may dip into my weekly PP more than I would like.  I have looked at a couple of menus already to places we're going, so that way I am prepared and have some good choices in my pocket.  I will definitely be anxious about not being able to run for a week, but I know we'll be walking all over the place.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Icks

I did NOT want to run today.  I could think of about 75 other things I wanted to do other than go for a run, one of them being eat dinner.  I was so close to telling my husband screw it, let's just go home, but I kept reminding myself that I wanted to be really on point all week since I am going to be traveling a lot in the next two weeks.  I have total control of home, but we all know the pitfalls that traveling can bring, so I want to go into my vacation/business trip at the best I can be at this point.  I wanted to end the week at a low weight and having eaten healthy.  So, off to the gym we went.

I had an unpleasant surprise awaiting me when I grabbed my clothes out of my gym bag.  I admittedly just reused the clothes that I wore to the gym yesterday where I had a great, sweaty 45 minutes on the elliptical (set at a 10 thank you very much).  My clothes were still wet from yesterday, and let me just tell you, there is nothing that will give you the icks like pulling on sweat soaked clothes to go sweat in them some more.  It's like note to self, don't be a lazy bitch and get fresh clothes the next time!!

The minute I stepped outside, I knew the run was going to suck.  My Garmin was being a real ass about finding satellites, so I stood there for about 4 minutes trying to coax it along, which always gets me riled up.  When I finally got going, I immediately felt like I was running in cement, and like I had a 50 pound weight on my chest.  I will be straight up with you, 0.20 miles into the run, I wanted to take a walk break.  All I could think was, "You have to be f'ing kidding me, I just ran SEVEN miles a couple of days ago in the rain."  I did manage to hold off on taking a walk break until I did a mile, but it felt like the hardest mile since I started training again last fall.  I felt angry and flabbergasted that I felt so good during seven miles and was struggling through this measly three miles I had planned.

It never got better.  When 1.5 miles hit, I seriously considered walking the rest of the 3 miles.  That's how bad I felt.  The only thing I can compare it to is the elliptical when you have it set to some insanely high resistance.  My run was like an elliptical on 12 while wearing a corset, because let's not forget that I could NOT breathe.

It is super concerning to be barely able to push through a 3 miler, and I am racking my brain as to what the issue could be.  Is it that I am simply not an early evening runner?  Do I do better in the morning with a breakfast and coffee, no water?  Did doing the elliptical yesterday affect me negatively?  Did I eat something that affected me?  These are the questions that run through my mind with no answer.

So here is my shitty time, although I will deduct a minute and a half from this because I stopped to pet a really cute dog.  Ya'll know that if there is a dog within a mile radius of me, I'm petting it!  I thought it was a Rhodesian Ridgeback, but it was a pitbull with a GIANT head.  He was very sweet though, and his name was Butters.  That so happens to be one of my favorite South Park characters.  ;)

I mean, it's embarrassing when your time is basically the same time as when you started running months ago. Hopefully Thursday is better.  :(

Speaking of dogs and to end on a happy note, but we have been slowly getting new stuff for our greyhound.  We will be getting him/her at the end of the month, and can't wait!  Yesterday we got our crate bed, which was the last thing we had ordered.

This crate is HUGE by the way.  I am fairly tall, but can fit in it with plenty of room to spare.  At least we know the dog will be comfy while we are at work!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


I did it!  This time for real! 

I got up this morning knowing that I was going to do a longer run, but I was not sure what that was going to look like or how far I was going to go.  I was feeling tired and was trying to put off my run as long as I possibly could.  I made myself breakfast, an English muffin with eggs and ham.  I watched the new episode of "My Cat From Hell" on the DVR and stretched.  Despite my best efforts to talk myself out of the run, I finally decided to just get up and get it over with!  We went out with my aunt and uncle last night and I ate a couple of things I had not already preplanned, mainly a Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwich.  They were all delicious and enjoyed, but I knew that I needed to pay the piper for it.

The temperature wasn't too bad, it was in the 50's, however it rained the entire time I was running.  I brought a water bottle with me but almost didn't need it since the moisture in the air was practically keeping my skin and mouth hydrated.  I was surprised to find that once again my lung capacity felt incredible, and my legs felt like they could go on forever.  I decided to take a walk break after mile 1 to save my legs for whatever distance I was going to do (I still hadn't decided a mile into the run!)  At first I said to myself that I would do five miles again, since I did so well the other day.  Then I was like, "Well, but you really should be doing a longer distance on the weekend, so you should do 6".  Then my brain said reproachfully, "You DID have that Ruby Jewel last night when you intended to get a smaller dessert.  Plus you were supposed to run  7 miles last week and you didn't even come close to that.  Do 7."  Yes, I am a crazy person and have a constant dialogue with myself when I am running!

So it was decided, I was going to do 7.  I passed the road last week where I turned around, the road that according to Run Keeper meant I'd gone 3.5 miles.  I looked at my Garmin and it said 2.72 miles!!  (Yikes, that meant I'd run even LESS than I thought last week.)  With every beep of my Garmin signaling another mile passing, I continued to run, continued to feel good and continued to be amazed.  I felt so good that I briefly considered doing 8 miles, but I decided to keep it at 7 miles, which was already further than I have ever run in my life!  The last half mile was probably the worst, and it made me so happy I stuck with the 7 mile goal!  My legs were pretty shot towards the end, not with pain so much, but I was just very tired and had raging heart burn. When that 7 mile notification beeped, I wanted to dance!  As I said, it's the most I've ever run in my entire life.  I would have fainted at the thought of doing 7 miles back in January, but this actually wasn't that bad!! 

My husband was pretty cute, I had texted him during my 5th mile to tell him I was doing 7 miles, and when I walked in the house he started applauding me!!  I told him I wanted to be greeted like that every time I walked in the room from now on!  ;)

I rewarded myself with a dinner that I have been ridiculously craving for a month...I don't know why, but I have wanted a damn hot dog so bad!   I have not been able to stop thinking about them!  Since I earned a pretty hefty amount of PP for my run today, I decided to go for it and have a couple of Kosher hot dogs complete with sauerkraut, relish and mustard.  I enjoyed every bite of them too!!   And I MAY have gotten another Ruby Jewel sandwich to enjoy tonight for dessert.  Just maybe.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

No Neck Monsters

Today I did something I hate doing, which is shopping for new clothes.  Even when I was younger and thinner, I always hated shopping.  I have a weird shaped torso (that would be code for FAT) and a huge rack, so buying tops especially is not something I have a blast with.  But I have a couple of trips coming up, plus the days are getting warmer and I can't hide behind baggy sweatshirts forever.

So I headed to Old Navy with a coupon in hand, and a promise to myself that I was going to heed the following advice:  if it didn't fit, flatter and make me love it immediately, I was not buying it.  I have a tendency to buy stuff because it's like "well I need a top, i guess this will do" or "oh I'll fit into this eventually".  Then the shit sits in my closet unworn, which is super wasteful.  So I go in and start looking, and they have a ton of cute stuff.  I grabbed a few things and went into the changing room.  I was SO irritated, because even though my weight is the lowest it has been (I lost another 2.4 pounds this week), none of the L shirts I picked out fit.  Yep, my stupid chi-chis made every shirt insanely skin tight, which really irritated me.  There was one shirt I really loved and was so disappointed about it not fitting, but I figured I could go back out and get an XL version of it.  On the flip side, I put on a pair of size 16 shorts and was surprised to find that not only did they zip up easy, but they looked almost matronly.  I was like, no way is a size down going to fit, but let's try it out just in case.

I went back on the floor, grabbed a size 14 pair of shorts, and went to look at the tops.  In the middle of perusing racks and trying to find an XL version of the cute shirt I wanted, a little girl randomly came up to me, shined a flashlight in my face and loudly exclaims, "I have a flashlight!!!!"  Um, I can deduce that now that I am blinded, thank you very much.  I suppose I have never exclusively said, but I don't have kids, and my husband and I made the decision before marriage that we were happy remaining childfree.  Nothing against those who have them, but it's not for us.  I don't hate kids, but I'm never exactly comfortable around them and they just don't do much for me, especially when they are little snots.  So the little girl continues to talk to me, and I politely answer her thousand questions, and she finally asks me "Do you have a kid?"  When I told her no she very snobbily replied, "Well YOU can't come to the kid's clubhouse then if you don't have a kid.  And you're too old."  It just made me think of the scene in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof where Elizabeth Taylor haughtily calls Gooper's kid's "no neck monsters", because that was an apt description of this kid.  I wanted to be like, "No you little twerp, but I can drink, go to R rated movies and have sex, all of which are more awesome than the kid's clubhouse (whatever that is)."  Her mom finally summoned her away from me, and I was able to go back to NOT finding an XL shirt in peace.  I finally gave up and grabbed a couple other tops I liked but needed in a bigger size.

Maggie 1, No Neck Monster 0

I went back in the dressing room, and the XL tops are almost a smidge too big.  I literally wanted to tear my hair out and punch every clothes designer in the balls.  I know not every woman has big boobs, but it's not like we are uncommon.  Why can't these assholes make a top that just has a little bit more room in the bust area, or at least put a tag on their stuff that says "If you have big knockers, don't even bother."  I really liked one of the tops so I decided to get it anyway, even though it will be WAY too big by the time I lose another 10 pounds.  I went to try on the size 14 shorts and got the shock of my life.  THEY FIT.  I couldn't believe it frankly.  I haven't really worn normal shorts in several years, and I sure as hell couldn't tell you the last time I pulled a size 14 up these gams.  I decided to get the top and 2 pairs of the shorts and be on my way.

I stopped at Target next, which I dunno, I am totally over Target.  Their clothes really suck now, I haven't found a single item at Target the last 3-4 times I've been there.  I decided to cut my losses and go over to Nordstrom Rack.

The Rack can be a pain in the ass, and you sort of have to surrender yourself to the process of digging for stuff even though sometimes it's really worth it.  I started looking through the tops, and without much hope, I grabbed a few size L tops.  I started perusing the jeans, which is something I have not had luck with in a really long time either.  I found a pair of salmon colored skinny jeans in a size 16 and figured, what the hell, it's about to be summer.  To the dressing room I went, and once again, the shirts and my boobs were just NOT happening.  One of the shirts fit and actually looked really cute, but it was one out of about 6 shirts, so it was just kind of disappointing.  For a wonder the jeans fit and looked pretty cute, so I decided to get them.  Since Nordstrom Rack also caters to the very thin, I knew there was no point trying to try on a size 14 pant.  

I also managed to snag a couple of cute pairs of flats that are also comfortable.  No painful heels for me!

Though I had some happy moments shopping, it was a reminder that I still have a ways to go, and need to stay on track to keep slimming down so that I don't have these depressing shopping trips!  It also made me want to save money to get a boob reduction and get like a negative A cup.  ;)

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Today I had another run scheduled, so I decided instead of doing the usual 3 mile jaunt that I do that I should try to go a little further.  I decided to run from the office to the house, which was going to be 4 miles or more, depending on the route I took.

I started out just like normal, except I realized that it was a bad idea to have pounded a ton of water like an hour before running.  I reached a local park by the time I had gone a half mile, and since the dialogue in my head was somewhere in the range of "OhmybabyJesus I have to peeeeeee", thought it was best to stop and use the park bathroom.  I was pissed to find the nice bathrooms were all locked, but they had a portapotty open.  Beggers can't be choosers so I ducked in, and it was actually pretty clean and did the trick.

I got back on the road and started going, and something amazing happened.  I got through the first mile and said to myself, "That actually wasn't so bad."  That has NEVER happened.  I also didn't need to take a walk break immediately after hitting the first mile, which is the first time in a long time that's happened.  I took a quick walk break at 1.40 miles, and then began running again.  And then something even more amazing happened...I didn't stop running.  I just kept going, and all the while I was thinking how great my legs felt, and how much more breath control I had than Tuesday!  I literally was waiting for the moment my body was going to scream for a walk break, and that moment never came.  It started storming, and I just kept on going.  I came to the point in my route where I was either going to have to turn and go the 4 mile route, or continue down the longer way.

I took the longer way.

I hit 4.5 miles and I was still running.  I felt thin, pretty, athletic, strong and capable of everything.  I rarely feel this way about myself in normal life, and have certainly never felt it when I was running.  My legs still felt good, though I was getting tired.  Even so, I could see my street getting ever closer, and I was STILL running.

I finished 5.1 miles in 1:05:31!!  By comparison, I did 3.66 miles in 46:31 minutes on Tuesday, so I would say that this was an improvement!  I took a picture of me all sweaty and skanked up right after my run:

I was cracking up when I saw that picture, because I forgot how awesome my hair curls the second rain water touches it.  I don't know what it is about it, but my hair loves it.  I had all kinds of curly q's around my face when I took my Bondi Band off.  Also, here is a picture of my Garmin, since you can't see it that great in the picture:

I have absolutely no idea what was different today.  I ate just about the same stuff that I normally do, I used the same amount of points.  I drank the same amount of water.  All I know is that I desperately needed a day like today to remind me of why I love running and why it's so worth it.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lead Legs

Holy crap!  First of all, thanks to the new readers who have stopped by to read the blog, commented or sent me emails.  Shiz was starting to get sad and lonely with me just talking to myself, so it was nice to have some interaction.  A lot of you drifted over after Katie from Runs for Cookies kindly posted my Motivational Monday submission, which I am so flattered she did.  She has definitely been a huge inspiration to me, and I was pretty giddy over it.  A few of you posted links to your blogs, and I am definitely going to check those out.  Thanks for sending them over!

Now on to the regular biz.  I woke up this morning with the worst headache EVER!  It's the type of headache you get when you have several glasses of wine and refuse to drink any water even when your husband nags you about it.  (Not that I would know anything about that!)  The thing is, I didn't do anything to have this headache, it just kind of happened.  It finally went away around the time that I ate lunch, but it definitely wasn't fun trying to go about my normal day with that.  One thing that was better when I got up this morning was my knees, which got even wonkier after my run Sunday.  I got so fed up with the pain last night that I slathered on this generic Icy Hot type stuff from Walgreens that is probably so expired that it is a whole other chemical compound now.   Seriously, it has to be like 4 years old, but regardless, I woke up and felt almost normal this morning!

I've done really well with food today, and in fact am probably coming in about 3 points shy of hitting my daily limit!  I am hoping that the scale will budge, because since my big loss on Sunday it's been stagnant.  Tonight we are having grilled pork chops, grilled peppers and braised kale for dinner.  For dessert I get to have my yogurt and chocolate chip concoction!

Today was my first run in April!  I was only going to do 3 miles but ended up doing 3.66.  I usually get really anal about doing an even distance, but I couldn't be bothered with being neurotic today.  I still am waiting on some big wave of stamina to hit me, and it hasn't come yet.  It's so frustrating, my time today was 46:31, which really sucks frankly.  I can't explain it, but it feels like my legs are made of lead and it's everything I can do to move them forward the last few time I've run.  I just haven't gotten back that mojo I had back in January.  I think part of the issue is the time of day that I'm running, since it's after work and I"m usually brain dead by the time that happens.  That unfortunately is the most convenient time for me to run.  I actually experimented and had an iced Americano today to see if it would give me a boost before running, but I didn't really see a difference.  I eat well during the day, and usually have an afternoon snack, so it's not a blood sugar issue.  I just really hope that if I just keep plugging along that things will change, especially if I am losing weight and lightening the load so to speak.