Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Bitch Is Back

I didn't want to taint my race report in the last post with a lot of blathering about my every day life, but did want to explain a little more about why I haven't been posting lately.

Obviously Natasha's death left us devastated, and frankly I don't know what to do with myself in some ways.  We are child free by choice, so that dog was pretty much our world, and our lives revolved around her when we were home.  Once she was gone, we were left with a feeling of such emptiness, especially since she provided so much joy and laughter every day.  It felt even worse because we have been going through the rough patch of hell at work.  Not to go far into it, but we were just both dealing with a lot of stress, pressure and overtime every single day.  So, we'd deal with hell all day, and then come home and not have our funny little dog to make us laugh and feel better, and that really hurt.  We started the search at the beginning of March for a new dog, and just have had absolutely rotten luck.  Like, going to three shelters in a day and still can't find a dog luck.  Every time we went to a shelter and came home empty handed, it made me more angry and sad.  All we want is a dog who needs a home and needs to be loved, and that shouldn't be so hard to find, but it has been.

The worst part is that my training went out the window, mostly because of work and not being able to go run after work, because I was having to WORK after work.  :(  Not training coupled with my depression led me to throw my healthy eating habits out of the window.  I've gained enough weight to where it's at the "bitch get with the program or get new pants" stage, and I am definitely not getting new pants!  The race Sunday made me realize how good running is for me and how much I miss it!  So, here we go again.  I have a lot riding on this marathon:  money, not wanting to disappoint my family/husband, and most of all, just to prove to myself that I'm not lame.

And just as a corner is turning with work and running, it is with the dog situation as well.  We have applied to adopt a retired racing greyhound, and that shit is literally like adopting a child.  I've had to fill out a long application, have a phone interview, I have to read a book on greyhounds that they assigned me, and then we have to have a house inspection.  SERIOUSLY!   am so nervous at this point of being rejected, even though the woman told me that I'll be approved as long as I don't live in a crack house.  It's going to be a long process unfortunately, but I will post plenty of updates and pictures along the way.  Hopefully we will have our new family member by the end of April!

So I did go for a run today, but it was definitely nothing to write home about.  My knee has felt messed up since the 8k, not painful really, but more uncomfortable.  It feels like something is out of place, although I do feel a weird pinch now and again.  I really didn't want to go for my run due to that, oh, and due to total LAZINESS but I got my butt out there.  After a long inner debate, I ran outside because it was sunny at the time.  The blazing sun turned to rain and then hail, then sun again!  I hate our bipolar March weather, we really did get lucky with the Shamrock Run!

I have mixed feelings about my run today.  I guess I"m happy that I got out for a run, but I am disappointed that it took me 40 minutes to run 3 miles.  My knee also felt off the entire time, and I had NO energy.  I love that I can get up on race morning and have a BS breakfast and no water and do really well, but on a day where I am hydrating and eating well, I feel like crap.  What is that about?!

Since my actual run wasn't interesting, I thought I would share a thing that happened to me during the run that was.  I was slogging along and almost got hit in the face by two hummingbirds that were locked together in a total battle to the death.  (I'm assuming it was that and not hummingbird sex).  Seriously, these two birds were going at it like they were in an episode of Dynasty, so much so that they flew right at my face, squeaking and screeching all the way.  Then they almost got hit by a car after bouncing off of my body.  Thankfully they didn't, but jeez!!!  Who knew that sweet little hummingbirds would brawl like that?

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