Sunday, March 24, 2013

Home Visit/Creeky Knees

We had an exciting start to the weekend on Friday.  We had our "home inspection" from the greyhound adoption people to determine whether we were suitable adoption candidates.  I guess they basically want to make sure that you aren't running a cock fighting ring or have a meth lab in your basement, which thankfully, he and I are both in the clear on.  ;)  I was pretty nervous about the visit, even though I was sure that we would pass.

The lady and her husband brought over one of their dogs, who was just an absolute doll.  She was colored like the dog I had before Natasha, just sort of a pretty fawn color.  I'm still very struck/enchanted when I see a greyhound.  They are so elegant and alien looking at the same time.  We had a good visit with the adoption people and were able to ask them lots of questions.  Owning a grey will be NOTHING like owning a "regular" dog, but we are up for the challenge.  Long story short, we passed with flying colors!  The lady's husband said that we both seemed like nice, loving people and would make an excellent home for a grey, which made me super stoked.  I am totally bummed at the same time, because we aren't going to be able to adopt until the end of April or May 1st-ish.  I am so impatient!

After the inspection, we raced into Portland to see our friend Joe perform.  He is a guitarist in two bands, The Fifth Elephant (90's cover band) and Say It Ain't Weezer (Weezer tribute band).  I like both bands, but the Weezer one is especially good!  Joe is the guy to the left.

We had a really good time, and Joe was so happy we came to see them play.  I even caught a drumstick at the end of the night, which made me irrationally happy until I realized "What the hell am I going to do with a drumstick??"

The rest of the weekend has been pretty decent, although I have been freaked out about my knee.  Both of my knees were killing me after the left one was fine within 2 days time, but there is something wrong and off with my right knee.  It doesn't hurt really, it's more that it feels off and really uncomfortable.  I do get sharp pains when I do certain movements like stand on my tip toes or twist it in any way.  And it's like ok, do I run on this, do I not?  It's just very frustrating, and I hate being hurt.  Dealt with 2.5 years of that shit with my foot thank you very much, and would prefer to not have a new thing crop up.

I am also re-evaluating the food tracking thing.  Things were good for awhile when I stopped tracking calories and I was well behaved.  Then it all went to hell.  I am trying to determine what is best for me.  I obviously need some structure or I get off track, but then if I try to put too much pressure on myself, I rebel and get frustrated.  I am thinking about Weight Watchers again, even though I have not had a ton of success in the past.  Something keeps drawing me back to it, especially since it seems easier than tracking calories.  There are a million Points Plus calculators online, and I briefly thought about just kind of skirting the system and doing things that way, but then realized I'd have a TON of manual tracking to do.  My time is worth more than that, especially since my natural tendency is to get lazy and irritated with a ton of tracking. I dunno.  The main thing I don't want to do is get obsessed with the scale again.  That ultimately seems to lead to my downfall every time.

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