Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Good Day, Sunshine

First of all, no headache today!  Hooray!  I feel really great actually, just really focused and centered the way that I do when I eat healthy and get my butt moving.

Day 3 of WW is still going really well.  I actually didn't feel hungry at all for most of the day, though I still, did eat full meals and snacks.  I've been eating eggs and English muffins for breakfast consistently, and that seems to really set me up right for the rest of the day.  Lunch today was kind of boring, I just got a cucumber salad and a baked sweet potato in the cafeteria, then supplemented my meal with a small salad topped with turkey.  I know,, double salad, how exciting!  I was pretty full though.  My afternoon snack was leftover beets/fennel from last night, which may not sound very exciting, but I really like beets, so I enjoyed it.

My husband needed to work overtime, so I decided to put on my workout clothes and get my activity in while he was working.  The sun was out, and it didn't take me long to say screw the gym, and to just do a nice long walk outside.

Can you blame me for wanting to be outside?  All of the cherry blossoms are popping over here and they are really so pretty.  It's great when there is a breeze, because then it's like walking in fantastic pink snow!  We get precious few of these types of days in March, so I was happy that I chose to take advantage of it.  It was so warm though, especially in my long sleeved tech shirt.  The walk was nothing too exciting, I did 2.88 miles in 55 minutes (the non-even number bothers me!) and earned 4 PP for it, so I'll take it.

Tonight's dinner was salmon, rice with a pat of butter and roasted asparagus.  Thanks to my walk and wisely budgeting my PP, I get to have a nice little dessert of Greek yogurt and chocolate chips tonight.

Nothing else to say really, so I will leave you with another image of spring flowers!

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