Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Number Seven

So when we left off yesterday, I was revved and ready to run a longer run, only to find out that my Garmin 305 wouldn't turn on.  I was completely upset not only that my Garmin was broken, but that I had my heart set on a long run that would challenge me, and now I couldn't even measure how long I'd run or my pace!

I finally decided that the run had to happen, Garmin or not.  I remembered that I had downloaded the Run Keeper app during one of the times I was super pissed at the Garmin for taking almost 5 minutes to find satellites on a sunny day.  I thought it would be the perfect thing in a pinch, so I enabled the GPS on my phone and went to use the app.  I was standing on a busy street on a gorgeous sunny day, and it kept saying that it couldn't find my location!  I'm obviously not going to give away where I live, but let's just say that it's not in the middle of the boons, and that any GPS worth its salt should be able to find my location!  I tinkered with it for a bit and finally the signal conceded that it was "poor", but at least existed.

So off I went, and I couldn't believe how good my legs felt!  It was night and day from my two previous runs, and it made me scold myself extra hard for ignoring my Yin Yoga DVD for so long!  I felt so good once I got going I decided that I was going to do 7 miles, which would be the longest distance I've ever run in my life.  I checked my phone and the Run Keeper app until I hit 3.5 miles, then turned around.  The last couple of miles was really rough, and I was walking a lot more than I was running, but I could still didn't feel that overwhelmed.  I was just super stoked and proud that I pushed myself at all.

I was almost home when I looked at my phone and saw that my supposed distance was 6.5 miles.  I was just like "whaa???"  I turned around at a little past 3.5 miles, which meant that I should have been at 7 miles by then.  I mean I am horrible at math, but even I know that 3.5 miles out and 3.5 miles back should equal 7!  That's when I realized that the Run Keeper app is officially horseshit, and it made me really sad and really mad at the same time.  My heart sank when I realized that I probably had not run 7 miles at all, but probably a lesser distance.  Sure enough, when I came in and checked a couple different run mapping sites, they had the distance in the 5.88 to 5.93 mile range.  I was SO upset.  I really thought I'd challenged myself and done the longest distance ever in my life, instead, I didn't even do a 10k.

I sulked for a long time and was really pissed, but then I decided to just snap out of it.  While I didn't hit the long distance I set out to hit, I did do the longest distance I've done this year since I started training.  I got up on a sunny Sunday morning and ran instead of staying on the couch watching a Game of Thrones marathon.  I could have just said "screw it" when my Garmin broke, but instead made do with what I had (even if what I had sucked!)  And once I came in, I ate a healthy lunch and a couple of healthy treats (popcorn and strawberry "ice cream" made with yogurt and frozen strawberries) instead of walking to the local burger joint like I wanted to.  I also lost 5 pounds this week, and THAT'S something to be happy and proud of.

I took a picture of myself after I was done've got to love a good post-run lobster face!  Even though my skin looks like a tomato I actually kind of like this picture.  My face looks thin, and I look happy despite how irritated I was about the GPS shenanigans.

And since I think everyone likes a happy ending, I can tell you that not all technology is a huge fail.  I poked around on the internet and looked to see if anyone else with the Garmin 305 had issues with it not turning on.  After reading advice on a couple of running blogs, I am happy to report that I was able to get my Garmin working again!  I literally had to hold down a couple of buttons while pushing another on and off, but when it lit up and turned back on, I just about had a parade outside of my house.  I wish I had done that before my run, but all's well that ends well I guess!

Busy Weekend

This weekend has been completely crazy, but in a good way!  We just chilled out on Friday, but Saturday we had a concert (Bob Seger and Joe Walsh), and today I planned to do a longer run since Eric was going to be off doing his own thing.

Yesterday I insisted we take a hike at Forest Park since the day was going to be sunny and pretty.  I also wanted to earn plenty of activity points so that I could use them for dinner that night before the concert.  I budgeted my points pretty well throughout the week, but I wanted to be able to have a couple of beers and a nice meal, so I wanted to make sure that I had enough points to cover me.  It was such a gorgeous hike, and not many people were on the trail, so it's like we were the only people in the world.  My husband is a music nerd, and this enthusiasm has spilled over to me, so we spent a lot of the time talking about music.  We talked about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (we are going to the ceremony again this year), who should be inducted, our predictions of who will be getting inducted next year, whether Nirvana or Pearl Jam was better.  Before we knew it, we had hiked up 3 miles!  Since what goes up has to come down, we turned around and trudged back, making for a total of 6 miles!  I snapped this picture on the way back down:

The restaurant we had dinner at was this place called E.A.T, An Oyster Bar.  It's a little Louisiana themed place, and it's one of the few "Southern" places I've ever eaten at here that does things right.  I got an Abita Amber right away, and it was so good!  It's one of my favorite beers from back home, and E.A.T. is the only place that I can ever get it up here!

I meant to try to be reasonable with dinner even though I had plenty of extra points to get me through it, but I was so hungry that I not only ordered a shrimp po'boy, but also got raw oysters to share with Eric.  Oh, and a second Abita.  I meant to only eat the po'boy and not touch the fries, but I ended up eating all of those too!  The portions weren't huge, but I felt so uncomfortable after we ate.  Note to self, the second beer is always overkill!

The concert was fantastic!  Joe Walsh opened up, and he was totally amazing.  I couldn't help but think of my dad, who LOVES Joe Walsh.  Especially when he played "Life's Been Good To Me", that is one of my dad's favorites.  You can't really tell from the picture, but he had a fantastically shiny shirt.

Seger was fantastic as well (that's him there in the corner in the picture below).  We were cracking up about how active and prancey he was, he never stopped moving the entire time he sang!  He put on a hell of a show, and you just forget how many hits he has.  (Eric does hate the song "Old Time Rock n' Roll", but it just simply reminds me of this episode of ALF...can't you tell I grew up in the 90's?)

Today I woke up sore as hell, and thinking that there was no way I could do a long run today.  I put it off as long as I could...I ate breakfast, drank coffee and watched a few episodes of Golden Girls.  Finally at 8 I decided to put in my Yin Yoga DVD to try to get my muscles loosened up.  I can't believe I haven't done that sooner!  It made my body feel SO much better, even my crazy knee.  I finished all bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to take on the world.  I got dressed, picked up my Garmin to turn it on...and it wouldn't.

I cursed.  I panicked.  I poked buttons.  Nothing would make my Garmin turn on.

So did I do my run?  Did I get a new Garmin?  Stay tuned until tomorrow for the answer!!  (Yeah sorry to do a To Be Continued, I just didn't want the post to get too long!)

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Today I decided to push myself and run four miles.  The experience was sort of better than my run Tuesday, but I am still not where I was at before the Natasha situation.  It kind of pisses me off, since I was getting to the point where I was really gaining speed and had more stamina.  Now I just absolutely struggle, have no energy, and have to take so many walk breaks.  It's another lesson learned I guess about not screwing around and letting myself get out of shape.  I finished the 4 miles in 53:58.  I clearly race better than I train.  I ran 5 miles in an hour just St. Patrick's Day!  

My knee is also still bothering me, and I have the feeling it's my body giving me the finger for not doing yoga for a REALLY long time.  I need to whip out those yoga DVDs again, and hopefully some stretching will help.

I have another successful day of eating well under my belt.  I changed up breakfast and had an English muffin with Barney Butter.  Lunch was kind of lame today, the only remotely healthy thing they had was lamb stew, so I had about 3/4 cup of that with a half cup of rice, and then steamed carrots on the side.  By the way, I don't know if I've ever explicitly said this, but we get free food at my cafeteria, and there is a TON of unhealthy stuff around.  I mean, I could have 7 slices of pizza and a pound of steak fries a day if I wanted them.  The cafeteria tries their best to offer healthy options, but they don't always succeed.  While I could bring my own food, and I do sometimes, my laziness and miserly ways overcome any misgivings I have about the food.

Even though the run was kind of lame tonight, I earned enough PP (plus budgeted my daily ones) to have a small portion of quinoa spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner.  I also snagged a dessert from the cafeteria to savor after dinner.  Behold:

Yes, that tastes as good as it looks.  It's some kind of gluten free chocolate cake with whipped topping.  It's also not very big, so it's the perfect amount to have as a treat.  I'm going to wait until after we clean the kitchen so I can sit down and really enjoy it!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Good Day, Sunshine

First of all, no headache today!  Hooray!  I feel really great actually, just really focused and centered the way that I do when I eat healthy and get my butt moving.

Day 3 of WW is still going really well.  I actually didn't feel hungry at all for most of the day, though I still, did eat full meals and snacks.  I've been eating eggs and English muffins for breakfast consistently, and that seems to really set me up right for the rest of the day.  Lunch today was kind of boring, I just got a cucumber salad and a baked sweet potato in the cafeteria, then supplemented my meal with a small salad topped with turkey.  I know,, double salad, how exciting!  I was pretty full though.  My afternoon snack was leftover beets/fennel from last night, which may not sound very exciting, but I really like beets, so I enjoyed it.

My husband needed to work overtime, so I decided to put on my workout clothes and get my activity in while he was working.  The sun was out, and it didn't take me long to say screw the gym, and to just do a nice long walk outside.

Can you blame me for wanting to be outside?  All of the cherry blossoms are popping over here and they are really so pretty.  It's great when there is a breeze, because then it's like walking in fantastic pink snow!  We get precious few of these types of days in March, so I was happy that I chose to take advantage of it.  It was so warm though, especially in my long sleeved tech shirt.  The walk was nothing too exciting, I did 2.88 miles in 55 minutes (the non-even number bothers me!) and earned 4 PP for it, so I'll take it.

Tonight's dinner was salmon, rice with a pat of butter and roasted asparagus.  Thanks to my walk and wisely budgeting my PP, I get to have a nice little dessert of Greek yogurt and chocolate chips tonight.

Nothing else to say really, so I will leave you with another image of spring flowers!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Boozy Tea

Well, I did a run today and it SUCKED.  I wish I could have the attitude of "all that matters is that I went and did it!"  Instead, I was just furious with myself for slacking off the last month to the point that I could barely finish a 3 miler.  My knee actually felt decent, knock wood, but I had absolutely no energy and was miserable the entire time.  I even had to stop my Garmin and stop to stretch because of my calves cramping up, which I've never had to do.  I ended up finishing in 39:04, which is just unacceptable to me.  I stopped my Garmin and was like, in 4 months or so I will have 23.2 more of these bitches to go, and I will have to have it together.

On a more positive note, I am on day two of WW and things are still going good.  Last night we took a 2.5 mile walk around the neighborhood, and then fired up the grill for the first time this season.  Eric was kind enough to man the grill and grill pork chops and mushrooms for dinner while I was in the kitchen cubing and roasting a sweet potato.  The sweet potato was the sham of life unfortunately.  We got it at the farmer's market a couple of weeks ago, and it had NO flavor at all.  It was sort of like eating cardboard with pumpkin pie spice on it.  I ate it anyway but was pretty PO'd about it.  I also tried to do a dessert type thing with ricotta cheese and chocolate but that was GROSS and I only took one bite.  I ended up having a handful of Newman's Own pretzels and some tea as a snack!

Eric and I have nightly tea time after dinner, mostly out of necessity due to my addiction to Teavana.  I also got some teas from David's Tea, so we've been bringing those into the rotation.  They are ok, but I really prefer Teavana.  That's not to say that I don't drink it like crazy all day at work, and then again at night.  One of my coworkers informed me the other day that my Toasted Marshmallow tea from David's Tea smelled like a cross between a stripper and a shot that an underage girl would take at a party.  I wouldn't go that far, but it does smell kind of boozy and happens to be one of the favorites of what I ordered, ha ha.

The one thing that sucks majorly about getting back into healthy eating habits is that I get the most awful headaches.  They don't last very long, like maybe a couple of days, but it really is awful.  I'm not sure from what, I can only assume sugar withdrawal.  Even that makes no sense because it's not like I do keg stands and funnel chocolate down my throat even in my worst eating days.  I eat tons of fruit and things with natural sugar in them.  So weird.  I wish that I could bottle up the feeling of how much it sucks so that I remember it the next time I eat ridiculous and have to start over!  My headache today ended up going away after I took Advil and then did my run, so at least there is that.

Dinner tonight was much better than last night.  We had grilled chicken, asparagus, and roasted beets with fennel and grapefruit for dinner.  I also have enough PP for a nice little yogurt/fruit/chocolate chip parfait I made for dessert, so I am pretty excited by that.

Monday, March 25, 2013

WW, Here We Go

Well I did it, I took the plunge yesterday and joined Weight Watchers again.  Pretty ballsy since I ate a piece of coffee cake for breakfast and then went wine tasting, but I tracked everything like a good girl, and still managed to do pretty well!  I swear, they have changed their program or the way they assign points.  Before when I was on WW, I was totally starving all the time and it pissed me off, which is why I stopped.  Today I was having to add in random foods just to hit my daily goal!  Today was the first great eating day I've had in a very long time, and I am very proud of that.  I ate so many whole foods, lots of fruits and veggies, and avoided the steak fries in the cafeteria.  I found myself not feeling like I was hungry all day, and also not being my wonderfully grouchy self!  I like the idea of most veggies and fruits being 0 points, since you should never be punished for eating those in my opinion.  I definitely filled in my meals with a lot of those today, as I should be!

Of all my meals today, I was most excited about my afternoon snack.  It was a ton of mixed berries, mint, basil and pineapple with a scoop of cottage cheese.  It's normally the time I would snag a couple of Kit Kats from the breakroom, so this was definitely the better choice, and it actually tasted better!  I need to be more consistent about bringing snacks like this so that I don't get grumpy and hungry.

No run today, but my hubby and I are going to take advantage of the weather and take a nice long walk.  My knee is still being an a-hole and giving me that weird pinching sensation, so I want to give it one more day.  I'm just going to run on it tomorrow and see what happens.  At this point, I can't afford to lose any more time, I HAVE to start getting those miles in.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Home Visit/Creeky Knees

We had an exciting start to the weekend on Friday.  We had our "home inspection" from the greyhound adoption people to determine whether we were suitable adoption candidates.  I guess they basically want to make sure that you aren't running a cock fighting ring or have a meth lab in your basement, which thankfully, he and I are both in the clear on.  ;)  I was pretty nervous about the visit, even though I was sure that we would pass.

The lady and her husband brought over one of their dogs, who was just an absolute doll.  She was colored like the dog I had before Natasha, just sort of a pretty fawn color.  I'm still very struck/enchanted when I see a greyhound.  They are so elegant and alien looking at the same time.  We had a good visit with the adoption people and were able to ask them lots of questions.  Owning a grey will be NOTHING like owning a "regular" dog, but we are up for the challenge.  Long story short, we passed with flying colors!  The lady's husband said that we both seemed like nice, loving people and would make an excellent home for a grey, which made me super stoked.  I am totally bummed at the same time, because we aren't going to be able to adopt until the end of April or May 1st-ish.  I am so impatient!

After the inspection, we raced into Portland to see our friend Joe perform.  He is a guitarist in two bands, The Fifth Elephant (90's cover band) and Say It Ain't Weezer (Weezer tribute band).  I like both bands, but the Weezer one is especially good!  Joe is the guy to the left.

We had a really good time, and Joe was so happy we came to see them play.  I even caught a drumstick at the end of the night, which made me irrationally happy until I realized "What the hell am I going to do with a drumstick??"

The rest of the weekend has been pretty decent, although I have been freaked out about my knee.  Both of my knees were killing me after the left one was fine within 2 days time, but there is something wrong and off with my right knee.  It doesn't hurt really, it's more that it feels off and really uncomfortable.  I do get sharp pains when I do certain movements like stand on my tip toes or twist it in any way.  And it's like ok, do I run on this, do I not?  It's just very frustrating, and I hate being hurt.  Dealt with 2.5 years of that shit with my foot thank you very much, and would prefer to not have a new thing crop up.

I am also re-evaluating the food tracking thing.  Things were good for awhile when I stopped tracking calories and I was well behaved.  Then it all went to hell.  I am trying to determine what is best for me.  I obviously need some structure or I get off track, but then if I try to put too much pressure on myself, I rebel and get frustrated.  I am thinking about Weight Watchers again, even though I have not had a ton of success in the past.  Something keeps drawing me back to it, especially since it seems easier than tracking calories.  There are a million Points Plus calculators online, and I briefly thought about just kind of skirting the system and doing things that way, but then realized I'd have a TON of manual tracking to do.  My time is worth more than that, especially since my natural tendency is to get lazy and irritated with a ton of tracking. I dunno.  The main thing I don't want to do is get obsessed with the scale again.  That ultimately seems to lead to my downfall every time.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Bitch Is Back

I didn't want to taint my race report in the last post with a lot of blathering about my every day life, but did want to explain a little more about why I haven't been posting lately.

Obviously Natasha's death left us devastated, and frankly I don't know what to do with myself in some ways.  We are child free by choice, so that dog was pretty much our world, and our lives revolved around her when we were home.  Once she was gone, we were left with a feeling of such emptiness, especially since she provided so much joy and laughter every day.  It felt even worse because we have been going through the rough patch of hell at work.  Not to go far into it, but we were just both dealing with a lot of stress, pressure and overtime every single day.  So, we'd deal with hell all day, and then come home and not have our funny little dog to make us laugh and feel better, and that really hurt.  We started the search at the beginning of March for a new dog, and just have had absolutely rotten luck.  Like, going to three shelters in a day and still can't find a dog luck.  Every time we went to a shelter and came home empty handed, it made me more angry and sad.  All we want is a dog who needs a home and needs to be loved, and that shouldn't be so hard to find, but it has been.

The worst part is that my training went out the window, mostly because of work and not being able to go run after work, because I was having to WORK after work.  :(  Not training coupled with my depression led me to throw my healthy eating habits out of the window.  I've gained enough weight to where it's at the "bitch get with the program or get new pants" stage, and I am definitely not getting new pants!  The race Sunday made me realize how good running is for me and how much I miss it!  So, here we go again.  I have a lot riding on this marathon:  money, not wanting to disappoint my family/husband, and most of all, just to prove to myself that I'm not lame.

And just as a corner is turning with work and running, it is with the dog situation as well.  We have applied to adopt a retired racing greyhound, and that shit is literally like adopting a child.  I've had to fill out a long application, have a phone interview, I have to read a book on greyhounds that they assigned me, and then we have to have a house inspection.  SERIOUSLY!   am so nervous at this point of being rejected, even though the woman told me that I'll be approved as long as I don't live in a crack house.  It's going to be a long process unfortunately, but I will post plenty of updates and pictures along the way.  Hopefully we will have our new family member by the end of April!

So I did go for a run today, but it was definitely nothing to write home about.  My knee has felt messed up since the 8k, not painful really, but more uncomfortable.  It feels like something is out of place, although I do feel a weird pinch now and again.  I really didn't want to go for my run due to that, oh, and due to total LAZINESS but I got my butt out there.  After a long inner debate, I ran outside because it was sunny at the time.  The blazing sun turned to rain and then hail, then sun again!  I hate our bipolar March weather, we really did get lucky with the Shamrock Run!

I have mixed feelings about my run today.  I guess I"m happy that I got out for a run, but I am disappointed that it took me 40 minutes to run 3 miles.  My knee also felt off the entire time, and I had NO energy.  I love that I can get up on race morning and have a BS breakfast and no water and do really well, but on a day where I am hydrating and eating well, I feel like crap.  What is that about?!

Since my actual run wasn't interesting, I thought I would share a thing that happened to me during the run that was.  I was slogging along and almost got hit in the face by two hummingbirds that were locked together in a total battle to the death.  (I'm assuming it was that and not hummingbird sex).  Seriously, these two birds were going at it like they were in an episode of Dynasty, so much so that they flew right at my face, squeaking and screeching all the way.  Then they almost got hit by a car after bouncing off of my body.  Thankfully they didn't, but jeez!!!  Who knew that sweet little hummingbirds would brawl like that?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Shamrock Run Portland - Race Report

First of all, I definitely want to acknowledge how long I've gone without posting.  I don't want to get too far into it since this post is specifically a race report, but yes, it's been a long time.  All I can say is that things have been tough lately, but are getting better.  I'm hoping that yesterday helped me turn a corner to where I'm back on my game and am posting with more frequency.  Now that that's settled, I am happy to report that I ran an 8k yesterday!  (The Shamrock Run in Portland)  It's something I've been dreading for a month, because I haven't been training AT ALL.  It's one of those things where time got away from me, and then suddenly what do you know, I have almost 5 miles to run!  Eric signed up for the 5k, and I think we both had fears about the race, and considered not doing it at all.  But I knew deep down that I needed to do the race in order to get back on track.  Races always give me a great boost and make me realize why I love running, and I knew that no matter how badly I did that it would still give me the push I needed to get back to normal.

Getting up on Sunday morning was rough, and we were both super grouchy about it.  Race morning is always the worst, and I never do anything that I should do, such as drink water or eat a balanced breakfast.  I guzzled a cup of coffee and a bowl of cornflakes with almond milk, and that was pretty much all I could stand.  I had wanted to get up early and do yoga to stretch out a little, and that didn't happen either!  I had managed to lay my clothes out the night before, but then Eric asked if he could wear the long sleeved tech shirt that I had, so being the good wife I am, I handed it over!  He also borrowed my running pants (btw, all of my gear is men's stuff since it fits better), so I kind of had to piece together a random outfit of a short sleeved tech shirt and some crop yoga pants.  I almost didn't bring a hoodie and Eric was like, "um it's 39 degrees and freezing outside", so I grabbed one out of the closet and was SO glad I did.  It...was...cold!

We took the MAX down to the race, and our jaws dropped a little when we got off at the race stop.  It was completely packed on the waterfront.  Reading that 35,000 people are running the same race doesn't prepare you for stepping out and seeing 35,000 people!  We were literally having to shoulder our way through like we were at a concert in order to make it to the packet pickup line to get our bibs.  It was SO cold standing next to the Willamette river that I couldn't even pin my bib on or put my timing chip on my shoe, and Eric had to help me.  Once that was all over and done with, it was a waiting game until my race started, so we walked around to see the booths, and we ran into this:

I mean can we just all agree that's the cutest thing ever?  It was an Irish Setter rescue group, and they had probably 10 dogs there.  I have always been dog crazy, but ever since Natasha died I am totally psychotic about petting any dog I see, simply because I miss having a dog to love on.  If there is a dog in a mile radius of me, I will go pet and play with it.  Throw in a dog with a tiny leprechaun hat and a coat, and you're never getting rid of me.  We petted on the dogs for several minutes, and one of the guys who worked there got this one to sit nicely for me so I could take a picture.  Eric and I agreed that it was going to be our meeting spot after the race since we were going to be separated for a bit, which meant that I was going to get extra time after the race to play with the Irish Setters!

Soon it was time for me to line up, which they were doing by pace.  I picked the over 10 minute mile group, since I felt I was probably going to have to walk most of the way.  And just to give you an idea of what my starting lineup looked like:

Yeah that's the sight of almost 10,000 people doing JUST the 8k.  (I heard the 5k numbers were more like 12,000 people).  It took me almost 10 or 15 minutes just to cross the starting line once the gun went off, that's how many people there were.  Also, can I quickly add how much I HATE "Gangnum Style", have always hated it, and always will hate it?  For the life of me I cannot understand why people like it so much, and I'm especially bitter because during the 10-15 minutes I was waiting to get across the starting line, I heard it in a loop probably about twice.  STUPID.  Anyway, I just needed to put that out there.  Once we crossed over the starting map, things loosened up a little and I was able to actually run!  Things were going along normally, and then 5 minutes into the race, something happened that NEVER happens in Oregon in March.  The sun came out.  It was pretty, it was unexpected, and it was HOT.  I ended up having to unpin my bib and rip off my hoodie because I felt like I was going to pass out!  I was actually thrilled to be wearing my short sleeved tech shirt at that point!

As I ran along, I was miserable the first mile the way I always am, but I was also shocked that my pace was pretty much the same as when I was training faithfully.  I trotted along until about 1.2 miles in, then had to take a walk break.  I jogged and took walk breaks for the rest of the time, though I tried to keep the walk breaks as short as possible.  I looked down at my Garmin at points and was completely shocked that I was doing as well as I was doing (well for me anyway).  I got a half mile away from the finish line and realized, "Holy crap, I am going to finish this thing in an hour", which was amazing to me since I thought SURELY it will take me an hour and a half.  And that's what I did, I finished in an hour and 12 seconds.  I felt so unbelievably proud of myself, which is something I've needed to feel after a rough couple of months.  My confidence felt boosted, and I felt so happy that I almost regretted not running the 15k!  But that's a big ALMOST.  ;)

Post race was a little weird.  Eric's 5k group left an hour after mine, and I figured that it would take him about 45 minutes (he said he was going to have to walk most of the race), so I definitely had time to kill.  I so badly wanted my beer, but the lines were so insane that it likely would have been an hour or more wait JUST to get your ID checked.  And much like Sweet Brown, ain't nobody got time for that.  I was starving and almost wanted to break down and eat the stinky salmon chowder they had for the runners, but the lines for that were also blown out.  I was definitely not waiting in line for over an hour for fish chowder after running.  I decided to take a walk along the waterfront to keep my joints loosened up and to enjoy the rare beautiful day:

What can I say about that view?  I love my city, and it's times like this where I say to myself how lucky I am to be here.  There's no place I'd rather live.  One thing about us Oregonians, we appreciate sunshine more than anyone else in the US!

I meandered back over to the Irish Setter booth so that I could play with the dogs.  I wasn't there long before I turned around and saw Eric striding towards me.  I was pleasantly surprised since I really hadn't waited that long.  With a smile he was like, "I was able to run most of the race!  I only walked one time!"  I was so happy and proud of him, and still am!  We were both amazed at how well we did, especially since we thought we were going to suck!  We were starving, so we decided to wander over to the Portland Saturday Market to see what we could find.  It was 10:30 in the morning so there wasn't much open, but we managed to find a burger booth so that we could get a couple of cheese burgers.  I inhaled mine in probably about 45 seconds!  I probably should have had something a tad more substantial than cornflakes for breakfast, and I'm definitely going to have to figure out a better situation for the marathon.  It's one thing to run 5 miles on a bowl of cereal, but you can't be doing 26.2 miles with that!  We checked out the beer line at the race but it was still ridiculous, so we wandered around the city until we found an Irish bar who was letting Shamrock runners in for free!  Of course the drinks were a million dollars, but we were so happy to not pay a $15 cover that we just went with it.  We both got black and tans, and my race experience FINALLY felt complete.