Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In and The Vet

Today's weigh in was a bit disappointing, especially when I was so excited to step on the scale.  All week I had tracked to weigh in at almost 218, which would have been insane considering that would mean I dropped that gain from the last week AND a little extra.  Instead I weighed in at 220.2.  Is that a loss?  Yes, it's almost 2 pounds, and I should definitely be happy about that.  But yet, I wasn't.  My digestive issues are rearing their head again this week, so I think I would have weighed less if I'd been a bit more regular.  One thing that changed is that I ate dairy since the last weigh in, yogurt and cottage cheese, so I am not sure if that's what's holding me back or not.  Pretty frustrating if it is, because at a certain point, I'd like some different options for breakfast.  I can't eat oatmeal every day, sometimes it's nice just to have yogurt and fruit.  I guess I could cut it back out and see what happens.

I wrote the other day that Natasha seemed a lot better, but unfortunately ran into some setbacks. We've been keeping an eye on her, but finally decided it was time to see the vet today.  She is still having a lot of trouble getting up and down, her feet are oddly swollen and she seems very lethargic in general.  Thankfully the vet was able to get us in for a morning appointment, so we were able to go get it over and done with.  His diagnosis was kind of a non-diagnosis, and told us that clearly something happened to tweak her hips (no shit), and that there was a possibility that her heart wasn't efficiently pumping her fluids, hence the swollen feet.  He said that when she gets up and moves around it likely keeps this symptom at bay normally, but since she has been laying around the last few days, the fluid is just kind of hanging out around her feet and lower legs.  We are supposed to continue to rest her and keep an eye on her for a week, and if she doesn't improve, we have to bring her back for more tests.  Good times.

The poor dear is sleeping right now, probably well deserved after being poked and prodded on for 40 minutes at the vet!  She did climb the stairs twice by herself when we got home, which is definitely an improvement, but we shall see.

My eating has been actually pretty good today, even though I feel like tearing my hair out!  I had a piece of Ezekiel raisin toast and an apple for breakfast, and then an Orowheat thin with two eggs, 2 slices of turkey bacon and a slice of cheese for lunch.  Tonight we're having salmon, and I don't know what as sides.  Probably something with kale in it since I bought a ton of it the other day!

Also, I made a really awesome raspberry lemonade that hit the spot this afternoon when I was feeling a bit snacky.  I just took 2 cups of frozen raspberries, water, stevia and True Lemon and whirled it around in the blender.  It reminded me of going to Red Robin and getting one of their strawberry lemonades, but at least mine didn't have 500 million grams of sugar in it!

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