Thursday, January 17, 2013

Water World

So I started my mini goals yesterday, and, so far so good.  Not surprisingly, the water goal is the easiest one to do, and I think it will be a good forever habit to have.  Having water with meals makes sense, and I feel less like I'm going to float away.  I also have tons of tea in between, so I would be very surprised if I"m not at 120 oz of liquid a day.

The tea instead of snack goal kind of sucks, because I really do love to end the night with a little treat as we're sitting on the couch, be it popcorn or a Vitatop with Fluff.  I was really antsy and wishing that I could get up and snack, but I stuck to my guns and told myself that it's only a week out of my life.  My husband was so sweet, after dinner and the kitchen was cleaned up, he asked me if I wanted him to put tea water on for me, since he'd read my blog and saw my mini-goals. He is really so thoughtful and supportive!

I had an interesting tea sent to me by a coworker from India, so that's what I drank last night.  Basically I think it was a type of chai tea, but it contained holy basil, which I have no idea what that was until I consulted Wikipedia (clearly the ultimate source for everything right?)  Anyway, I guess it is widely used in Hindu cultures as medicine and in religious ceremonies.  I liked it quite a bit, and ended up having 2 giant cups of it!

Another thing that helped was to keep my hands busy with crochet.  I am self taught and not very good, and can only do the most basic of things, but I am working on a project for a friend (I will post pictures when I'm done).  I tend to zone out when I crochet, since I have to pay really attention to everything I'm doing so that I don't mess up.  It's the perfect type of thing to occupy your mind and hands with!  I worked on that until I went to bed and really progressed on the project, so I felt doubly proud of myself.

I have a run scheduled tonight, and I'm not sure if I'm going to do 3 or 4 miles.  I may stick to 3 this time.  And it's actually warmer and sunny outside, so it's going to be great weather.  Can't wait!!


  1. So was it 3 or 4? I didn't run today at all!

  2. Ah it was 3 miles! Thanks for commenting Tricia, now I don't feel so sad and butthurt. ;)