Friday, January 25, 2013

Runs For Cookies Virtual 5k Post Race Report

Today I participated in a very unique 5k race courtesy of one of my favorite blogs, Runs For Cookies.  Katie and her blog have been a real inspiration to me, and are a big part of the reason that I've had the courage to start running again after 2 years.  The run was a virtual 5k that she put out to all of her readers, and as of yesterday, there were 895 people signed up!  You could run anywhere, any time of the day, and then go record your time via Google doc on her site after you finished.

I got up this morning nervous about the race, and also not feeling that well.  Work has been very stressful this week, and I've also had a headache for a couple of days, probably due to stress.  I shuffled downstairs to make coffee, and got the nicest surprise ever:

I think my husband knew I was having a rough week between the negative feelings about myself, work, the headache, and stressing about the 5k.  It really did brighten my entire day!  It almost seemed to set the tone for today, because things at work sort of calmed down, and my headache managed to go away on its own without any sort of Advil or anything.

I did my 5k after work, and the weather actually was pretty cooperative with me.  It was dry and in the mid-40s, so I didn't need my gloves for the first time in awhile!  The run itself wasn't anything totally remarkable.  I was having a lot of issues with my calves and ankles, and my calves kept seizing up during the first mile.  I was able to power through some of the pain, but I had to take a tiny walk break before I'd even hit a mile.  I really need to get back into a regular yoga schedule again, I was not having these calf and feet issues when I was going so many times a week!

At first I wasn't happy with my time, but then upon reflection I feel like this is pretty good.  I took lots of walk breaks, was in pain some of the time, and still managed to do pretty well.

This is me in all my glory with my "race bib".  I actually was kind of happy with the picture, my face looks so much thinner than it used to!  I celebrated tonight with a pesto pasta dinner, and also have the calorie budget for an ice cold Stella beer, which I will be slowly enjoying after I finish this blog post!  I mean, any race worth its salt ends with a cold beer, even virtual ones!

Oh and I wanted to end this post with this picture.  We were driving home and the clouds parted to reveal the moon.  It looked SO pretty tonight.  The picture I took is blurry, but it kind of makes it look like a painting almost.  Its been a damn good day.


  1. Love the note from your hubby--how sweet! Great job on the 5K. The picture of you is very cute!

  2. Thanks Katie! I just about peed my pants when I saw you commented on my blog, thanks for taking the time to read it! :) Your blog really is an inspiration, and is a big part of the reason that I had the courage to run and sign up for my marathon this year.