Sunday, January 13, 2013

Left Behind in The Cold

I haven't blogged the last couple of days because there really hasn't been anything that exciting to blog about.  I didn't do as well this week food-wise, which kind of sucked.  My stomach still seemed torn up from last Sunday's incident with the protein powder that shall not be named.  Every time I ate, I would feel like I was going to throw up, my stomach would cramp, and my other end  I finally got fed up and bought a bag of white rice, and ate white rice and butter for several meals.  That seemed to help my stomach, but then I got bingey because I wasn't getting the variety and nutrients I needed.  I ate random crap that I didn't even enjoy, and realized that I was starting to get into a bad pattern again.

Yesterday I decided to snap myself out of it and get some exercise in so that I could clear my mind.  I knew I wanted to go for a run, since I had not run since last Saturday, but it is COLD here.  It's getting down to the 20's at night, and the highs are hanging around 32.  I decided to do the P90X yoga disc first to warm my body up and get my muscles stretched out.  This disc totally kicked my ass the second time around, but in a good way.  I was sweating like crazy!  Once I was done I got dressed in my running gear, and then my hubby and I went grocery shopping.  The plan was to eat lunch and then get a few things we needed, and then he would drive home and I would run home.  The store is about 5 miles away from our house, but I only wanted to run about 4 of that, and figured that the extra mile would make for a good cool down walk.  I think my husband was amused that I just wanted to be left behind, but hey, there's no better motivator than having to get your butt home one way or another.

It. Was. Cold.  I was glad I had done yoga, because I think my muscles would have freaked if I had just started in that weather with no warm up.  I had on my compression pants and 2 lighter long sleeved wick away shirts and a Bondi band over my ears.  This time I was smart enough to remember my gloves as well.  Still though, I was freezing for the first mile of my run, and then I finally felt warmed up enough that I didn't feel miserable.  My time wasn't that great, I ended up at 53:33 minutes for the 4 miles.  I didn't realize how many hills were on the route, and oh just kicked me ass once again.  I want to keep doing hills since it will condition my legs faster, but it's so hard!  I was having to take a lot of walk breaks.  When I finally got home, I noticed our thermometer said it was 30 degrees.  No wonder I was so cold!  I was more than done by the time I showered and got seated on the couch.

My eating was so so yesterday.  I had oatmeal with chocolate chips and coconut for breakfast, and a turkey sandwich with tons of vegetables and avocado for lunch.  I burned over 1200 calories with exercise, so I was able to have a treat meal as dinner.  We went to a friend's house to watch the NFL games, and beer and football just go together so well!  I had 3 Stellas and some pizza.  I didn't totally enjoy the pizza, it was Poppa John's, which I think is a really gross pizza, plus the owner is pretty douchey.  I still came in way under for net calories, and only netted 995 calories for the day.

Today I have yoga class, and we're not going anywhere, so food will be easier.  Not sure what I'm doing for breakfast, but I figured I'd make lentil soup for lunch, and we're having crab for dinner, which I am super excited about.

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  1. I am a wimp, if it is below 50 degrees, it is the treadmill for me! You amaze me! Way to be a rockstar!!!