Friday, January 4, 2013

A Quiet Friday

Yesterday's run was a good one even though it was really freaking cold and I had to run through sleet for about 5 minutes.  Nothing like the feeling of tiny shards of ice (aka glass) hitting your face when you're running, that's always good times!  It stopped pretty quickly though, and thankfully the rain held off until I was done.

Eating clean this week definitely helped my energy levels, and it was an entirely different run than the one on Tuesday.  I felt lighter and didn't have to take too many walk breaks at all, and also found myself able to have short bursts of speed at times.  I shortened my New Year's Day time by a whopping 67 seconds.  That was kind of disappointing because when I was running, I felt like I was flying.  Hopefully I can continue to improve my time, because it would be really nice to be able to knock out a quick 3 miles in like 30 minutes or less.

We were talking about going to a movie tonight, but I think we're just going to stay in and watch one of our Netflix instead.  Kind of a relief really, I like to be able to stick to a strict schedule without a bunch of outings when I am back in my fitness routine.  Going to the movies just makes me want to have a beer, which I want to avoid for the moment, and that would just make me sad!

Nothing terribly exciting for my meal plan today:

Breakfast:  Oatmeal with chocolate chips and walnuts (511 calories)
Lunch:  Vegetarian Dal Stew, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes (294 calories)
Dinner:  Baked mushrooms with cashew "cheese"  and a baked sweet potato with 5 spice (428 calories)
Snacks:  a banana, air popped popcorn with nutritional yeast (226 calories)

Since today is a rest day from exercise, I had to take more care with not going over my calorie limit.  This meal plan puts me right at 1,459. so that's right on target.

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