Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Beginning

Ah, the awkward first blog post of a new blog. Do I keep it short and sweet, or do I regale you with my whole life story? I say let's shoot for somewhere in the middle!

My name is Mary, and the purpose of the blog is to chat about two things that are very important to me, running and getting healthy/losing weight. By keeping the blog, I'd like to keep myself accountable and also share things that have helped me in my journey. My goal weight is somewhere in the 130-140 range, and I currently am 219. (I have lost about 25 pounds this year). I don't have some fancy fad diet that I'm doing, although I do follow a combination of the P.I.N.K Method, local/organic eating, and good old fashioned calorie counting. As the title of my blog suggests, I do love booze and treats, and yes I make sure to fit them into my life. I want my eating plan to be something I can do every day of the rest of my life, and I have found that once I came to that conclusion, healthy eating has come pretty easily for me.

Running has been very important to me since about 2009. I spontaneously signed my husband and I up for a 10k under the pretense of getting us out of our comfort zone, and became absolutely hooked on racing and running. Unfortunately I did not train properly or treat my body right, and became practically crippled by plantar fasciitis. This became my hell for about 2 years, until I switched to minimalist footwear and then rehabbed my body with yoga. I have been doing yoga at least 2-3 times a week for a year now, and I am happy to report that I am pain free and running again. It's a blessing considering during this time last year I would almost buckle to my knees from the intense pain of putting weight on my feet in the morning!

My goals for 2013 (which are already a work in progress now) are to try to get to my goal weight range, and also run my very first marathon! The one I have chosen to do is the Layton Marathon in Layton, Utah. The marathon is at the end of August, so I have plenty of time to train (and boy will I need it!).

Thank you for bearing with me during this first post! I have been putting off writing it because I am a typical impatient Sagittarius, and just wanted to just start talking about my thoughts and ideas, and didn't want to have to bother with the intros!


  1. I came over here from Runs for Cookies today and figured I'd start from the beginning . . . whoa whoa whoa MARATHON?? GOOD FOR YOU! I can't decide yet if that's something I want to shoot for. Half yes, whole . . . not yet. I'm in impatient Sag too and definitely love my beer.

  2. I'm also over here from Runs for Cookies! Looking forward to reading your story! My blog is at