Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cyber Monday

This year I did something I don't normally do and participated in Cyber Monday.  There were a few things I wanted, and I figured that would be the time to get them, and I was pretty pleased with the deals I got.  A couple of my packages came in yesterday, so it was like early Christmas at the house!  Here is the loot:

So, if you have never had those True products, go online right now to and order some. And as a tip from me to you, if you go to, they have coupon codes and deals on a ton of sites, one of them being True Lemon.  Anyway, I actually like just plain water, but I do like to jazz it up sometimes, especially if I am drinking seltzer water.  Buying lemons/limes can be expensive, and they are not exactly portable if you are out and about.  The True products are simply crystallized juice/oils and come in these neat little packets that you can carry around with you, and you can add them to water, baking, desserts...just anything!  I am totally addicted to them all, but my favorite is the lime.  On Cyber Monday they were having a free shipping deal and you could get a free box of any flavor you wanted, so I think I'm set for like a week maybe.  ;)

My other purchase was a second pair of my most favorite running shoes in the entire world, my New Balance Minimus Trail 10's.  I have a pair right now, in fact, they are exactly like this pair I ordered:

I can't say enough about these shoes.  I am already a convert to the minimal style of running and minimal shoes, but I have been trying to find the perfect shoes to make my permanent running shoes.  I like the Vibram Five Fingers, but I broke the toes in one of my feet several years ago (unrelated to running), so my toes would begin to ache really horribly after 2 miles in those shoes.  I had the Merrell Trail Gloves after that, and they were ok, but I never really loved them.  They also had really crappy traction, which isn't a good thing when you live in the rainy Pacific Northwest.  I went to a running store, and voila, these are my perfect shoes.  Minimalist, huge toe box, zero drop in the heel, light, plenty of grip, and PRETTY!

Why would I get a second pair if I already have some you may ask?  Well, my marathon isn't until August of next year, and who knows what could happen between now and then.  My shoes now could wear out, break or anything else could happen.  I don't want to be stuck without a backup pair, and honestly, there was a SCREAMING deal on Cyber Monday, so I have a backup pair of shoes now.  

I have more packages coming in, so there will be more posts and product reviews to come!

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