Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Runner's Christmas!

The husband and I had a really nice Christmas yesterday, just the two of us.  We are always on our own on Christmas Day, and it's simply heaven.  We get up whenever we want, have a leisurely breakfast followed by opening presents, then I start preparing our traditional prime rib dinner.  My hubby got me some great presents this year, mostly related to running:

Are you really excited about getting socks for Christmas you may say, but those aren't just any old socks.  I bought a pair of Feetures a couple of months ago, and they are AMAZING.  Not only are they wick away, but they also offer compression in the arch of the feet.  They also are supposed to help prevent numbness in the toes, which I was having an issue with at times.  They are not cheap, they are about $14 a pop, but definitely worth it.  I was very excited to not only get one but two pairs of these!r

He also got me an iPod holder and a Fuel Belt (aka fanny pack!), which I desperately needed.  Right now I shove keys, my phone and my iPod into my bra, which isn't exactly comfortable or convenient, especially since I'd rather not lose any of those things!

My aunt also got me a $50 gift certificate to one of my local running stores, which I was super excited about.      I could use more long sleeved wick away shirts, so that is probably what I will use it for.

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